Vaulted Passage-Street

A vaulted passage-street is dug in the terrain under the seats of the Stadium. The pavement was made out of big syenite slabs, under which a canal was built (with a height of 1.50 m) for the purpose of draining the Stadium. Probably the street led to a tower or a gate in the fortification wall. 

The vaulted passage-street starts in the North part of the Ancient Stadium.

The pavement of the street - big syenite slabs - covers a canal. The street is considered to have played a significant role in the urban planning of the city. One of the hypotheses for its function is that it started Via Sagularis – the main street running along the inner side of the defence wall. Another hypothesis suggests that the street led to a tower or an opening in the defence wall. Unfortunately, investigation and historical artifacts are insufficient for archaeologists to come up with a firm conclusion.