Town Square

Agora or Forum? Both terms refer to the same space – the town square.

It was the logical and functional centre of the city; its heart. Throughout its existence, the square of the Ancient Philippopolis has always been situated at the same place.

The Agora is the Greek square. Even today this term is used by some scientists, since for a long time the Greek has been the common language in the town.

The square was rectangular in shape since its creation, and it remains so during the Roman times.

The difference between the two concepts hides in the meaning. Agora was a major civic square, a place where markets and other gatherings related to the development of the city were held. For the Romans, especially during the time of the Empire, the Forum was the place which represented the might of the Roman power.

The hypothesis of the existence of a temple, located at the area of the Forum of Philippopolis, is another confirmation of the mentioned above. The existence of a temple located on the axis of movement and symmetry of the square is typical for the Imperial forums. These were the most representative spaces, with skilfully crafted details.

The same attitude we found in Philippopolis. In the 2nd century the city Agora was reconstructed. Here, as in most places across the Roman Empire Roman Corinthian order is used. The columns, the beams and the arches were made of marble. Carefully cut square stone blocks were used for the masonry, joined by white mortar.