Augustus, full Latin name: Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus
Born in Rome. Reign period: 27 BC – 14 AD

Octavian Augustus was the first Roman Emperor and founder of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. He lived and ruled in the years between the Late Roman Republic and Early Roman Empire. After the death of his adopter Julius Caesar, Augustus became the founder of a new type of governing system. He restored order in Rome, which for years had been torn by strife and civil war.

After a series of military battles and shrewd diplomatic moves in 27 AD Augustus was asked by the Senate of Rome to remain at the forefront of the Roman Republic. In the same year he was granted the honorary title Augustus (from Latin: Augustus – “Majestic”). Thus, for 41 years until his death, Augustus ruled over the territories conquered by Rome. With his reign began an era of relative peace known as the Roman Peace (Pax Romana).

Augustus and Philippopolis
During the reign of Augustus Philippopolis was growing and "climbed down" to the plain below the three hills. This is the period in which the new urban plan of the town was implemented with a series of straight streets, intersecting one another at right angles. During that period the initial construction of the town square – the Agora – began.