Vespasian, full Latin name: Titus Flavius Vespasianus
Born in Falacrīnum, now Falacrine, Italy.
Reign period: 69 AD – 79 AD. Founder of the Flavian dynasty

Vespasian was not from a noble Roman ancestry. The early service for different rulers helped him to get to know the whole Roman Empire. He built his career in the army and on July 1, 69 AD the Prefect of Egypt declared Vespasian emperor. In October the same year, the Senate proclaimed Vespasian the legitimate emperor of the Roman Empire. His reign is famous for its justice and mercy.

It is interesting to know that Vespasian established the town of Novae, now Svishtov, by a decree issued in 69 AD. Under his governance the colony for veterans Deultum (Latin: Colonia Flavia Pacis Deultemsium) was founded - now the town of Debelt, Bulgaria. Vespasian is also known for the fact that during his reign began the construction of the most famous building in Rome, the Colosseum. It is interesting that the real name of the arena is Flavian Amphitheatre.

Vespasian and Philippopolis
During the reign of Vespasian the forum of Philippopolis was reconstructed. To the north side of the area a temple was built in honour of the emperor. Due to the major renovations made by the Flavians, the town received the epithet: Flavia Philippopolis.

Bust of Vespasian, National Museum of Rome, Rome / V. Pandjarova