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Visit the Ancient Stadium

The Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis is located under the main pedestrian street of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Its northern part is found at Dzhumaya Square. There you can dive underground at the original level of the Ancient town.

The space open for visitors includes a part of the track, the semi-circular part of the spectator seats (sfendona) and a panoramic wall with hypothetical reconstruction of the missing space of the Ancient stadium (video).

Some of the discovered elements of the Stadium are identified along the main street of Plovdiv.

At the underground level there's also a presentation center, designed for public functions related to the dissemination of information about the Ancient stadium. The center covers the northern part of the covered spaces. In presentation center seats for the audience are installed. Various multimedia information is provided.

Access by visitors (including disabled) is organized along the axis of the ancient street - starting at the glass windows, fully open to the north open-air archaeological space along the vaulted passage and the link with the southern open-air space.

Detailed information about the architectural project and the construction works during the Project BG 0041.