Hadrian, full Latin name: Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus
Born in Rome.
Reign period: 117 AD – 138 AD

Hadrian was born in an aristocratic family, but at an early age he was orphaned. He was adopted and raised by the Emperor Trajan, who was his relative. Despite his enviable military career, Hadrian was a pragmatic ruler who tried to avoid conflict and war. He ruled for 20 years and during that time the borders of the Empire were consolidated and stabilized. He was interested in arts and especially in architecture. Besides the Villa near Tivoli, which was allegedly his project, he built temples and theatres. During his reign the most magnificent building of the Roman architecture – the Pantheon in Rome – was built. A building, whose dome in terms of technique of masonry, size and constructional achievements, remained unsurpassed until the construction of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Something curious: Hadrian was the first Roman emperor, who was depicted with a beard. This is considered to be the impact that the Hellenic culture had upon him.

Hadrian and Philippopolis
It is known that during the period 124 AD - 125 AD Hadrian visited the provinces of Thrace and Moesia.
The most important building of the time of Hadrian in Philippopolis was the Stadium. It was built at the beginning of 2nd century AD. Also, the construction work of the Theatre continued.

Bust of Hadrian, National Museum of Rome, Rome  / V. Pandjarova