Elagabalus, full Latin name: Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
Born in Emesa, now Homs, Syria.
Reign period: 218 AD – 222 AD

Elagabalus or Heliogabalus was named after the homonymous Ancient Semitic god. He was related to the Severans through his mother. He was famous as one of the most controversial Roman emperors and popular with his sexual whims and exotic religious rituals.

His reign was marked by a series of riots and conflicts. It took him one year to get to Rome and to take control over the Empire. During this period he had triumphant journeys through the provinces and held lavish celebrations. The procession passed through Anatolia, Thrace and Greece.

Elagabalus and Philippopolis
In 218 AD Elagabalus visited Philippopolis. This happened during the traditional sport games in town. To honour the emperor and the main god and patron of the city Apollo of Kedrisia the games were called Kedrisian.
To mark the occasion, special coins with images of the emperor and sport competitions were minted.