Trajan Decius

Trajan Decius, full Latin name: Gaius Messius Quintus Traianus Decius
Born in Budalia, now Martinci, Serbia.
Reign period: 249 AD – 251 AD

The name of Trajan Decius is popular in Bulgaria, because of the fact that he died on the territory of present-day Bulgaria. This happened in 251 AD in the Battle of Abritus (now Razgrad) fighting the Goths. The reason for his campaign was the numerous entries of the Gothic tribes in the lands of the Empire. Crossing the Danube they moved quickly towards Thrace and occupied Philippopolis.

Trajan Decius and Philippopolis
Philippopolis was occupied by the Goths. Trajan Decius addressed a heartfelt letter to the residents of the city, which was read at the Stadium, advising them not to take dangerous actions of self-defence and to wait for help. Unfortunately, his army was defeated near Augusta Traiana and Philippopolis was plundered and destroyed.

Bust of Trajan Decius, Capitoline Museums, Rome / V. Pandjarova