The stadium is located in the northwestern end of the town, outside the first city wall. The orientation of the facility is north-northwest – south-southwest. Today some remains and the outline of the stadium are visible. They provide information about its size - about 450 meters long and 85 meters wide.

Today there are only three stone arches left from this stadium. The approximate location of the facility was defined due to them. It is assumed that its length was about 330 meters and its width was about 60 meters.

Mediolanum (today's Milan)
The stadium is located under the modern city. The ruins cannot be seen except for a tower which was located in the northeastern end. It is assumed that its length was 460 meters and its width was about 70 meters.

Montaperti (near Siena)
The dimensions of the facility are approximately: visible length - 550 m; visible width - 100 m. It is located about 10 km from Siena. Today the outlines of the structure are fully visible.

Circus Maximus (The great circus) in Rome is about 620 metres long and approximately 150 metres wide. The southeastern end of the circus is U-shaped and nowadays visible. Medieval structures, which have been analyzed in the last years, were found there. It is one of the favorite places of Italian fans.

Circus of Maxentius is located along Via Appia Antica - the oldest Roman road still preserved. Its length is approximately 490 m; and its width - 80 m. It is U-shaped and fully visible as the space is not occupied by modern structures.
More information about the site can be found here.

Circus of Nero in Rome is located to the South from the St. Peter's Basilica. Its existence is fully proven, although the exact location and orientation are not known. An obelisk brought from Egypt in 37 AD to mark the curve is the only thing that has remained from it. In 1586 the obelisk was moved and today can be seen at the square infront of the St. Peter's Basilica.
More information about the stadium can be found here and here.

Circus Varianus was built during the reign of Emperor Elagabalus in the first half of the 3rd century. Its dimensions are 565 meters in length and about 125 meters in width.

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