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baptistery (Greek)

A part of a church or a separate building used for baptising.

base (Greek)

Stone foot or lowest member of a column.

basilica (Greek)

Originally a public building in the Roman Empire, of importance for the social and political life of the city. The basilicas are rectangular on plan with columns dividing the space into separate parts – a higher central nave and lower side aisles. The columns were necessary because of the large dimensions of the building. Later, namely because of their size basilicas were adapted for Christian worship. Today the term basilica is used most often for a church.

blind arcade (Latin)

An arcade attached to a wall with no actual openings, mainly with decorative function.

blocage (French)

Mass of rubble-stones of various sizes mixed with mortar. The blocage is used to fill the inside of walls with faces of dressed stone blocks.

bouleuterion (Greek)

Building of the city council (boule) in an Ancient Greek polis.