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Basic element of the capital of a Doric column. It is a circular on plan convex moulding serving as a transition from the cylindrical body of the shaft to the abacus.

entablature (Italian)

The upper part supported by columns, consisting of three main parts: architrave, frieze, and cornice.

entasis (Greek)

In Classical architecture shafts of columns have greater diameter at the bottom than at the top. The slight diminution towards the top is achieved with a subtly convex curved swelling called entasis.

epstyle (Greek)


exedra, pl. exedrae (Greek)

In Ancient Greek and Roman architecture – а niche or recess, semi-circular on plan, raised from the floor level. Designed as a place for conversations.

exonarthex (Greek)

The outer vestibule situated to the West of the narthex. Usually separated from the courtyard by an arcade or colonnade.