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herm, herma, pl. herms, hermae (Greek)

A rectangular tapered post carrying a sculptured bust (most often of Hermes).

Hippodamian system

Hippodamian system is an urban planning concept that organises the layout of cities and towns into a system of straight roads and streets intersecting each other at a 90 degree angle (grid-pattern) and following the main cardinal directions. The name derives from its inventor Hyppodamus of Miletus (498BC-408BC),  Greek architect, urban planner, philosopher and mathematician, is considered to be the “father” of urban planning.

hippodrome (Greek)

A track, open-air stadium for equestrian sports (horse- and chariot-races).

horreum, pl. horrea (Latin)

Ancient Roman public warehouse, often used as a granary.

hypocaust (Greek)

System for floor and wall heating in Roman public and residential buildings using hot air circulating through canals and spaces under the floor.