The stadium is neither well preserved, nor fully discovered, but its location is well known - at the southwest corner of the city. It  was built in  the beginning of the 2nd  century. Its dimensions are 495 meters in length and 80 meters in width. It is assumed that the capacity of the facility was between 40 and 45 000 spectators.

The stadium in Duga was built around 225 AD. Its shape is specific due to the characteristics of the terrain where it was built - in the middle there is a slight curve. The length of the facility is approximately 300 meters.

Thysdrus (today's El Jem)
The stadium is located near the modern city. The aerial photographs show that the structure had a typical plan. The starting positions were located in its western end. The total length of the stadium is 516 meters with a capacity of probably around 50 000 spectators.

It is considered that this stadium was one of the first facilities of its type in North Africa. It is located in a great depression, the main axis is directed from northwest to southeast. Although the end was not clearly distinguishable, it is believed that its length was between 250 and 275 meters and its width was only 45 meters, making it the smallest Roman stadium ever known. The structure is almost completely ruined.

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