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Center for Urban Archaeology - thematic unit 1

Leading themes of the first unit of the complex education course to the Bulgarian-Norwegian Centre for Urban Archaeology are the approach towards and the conservation methods applied to the archaeological sites in the urban environment.

The aim of the first unite is to get participants acquaintant with the specific approach towards the archaeological sites in the urban environment. The course was attended by students and young professionals with different background: architecture, urbanism, culture, ethnology, history, archeology, cultural tourism, business administration and others.

The theoretical part of the unit was presented with various aspects of the topic by leading experts from Bulgaria and Norway. The course started with a lecture by Prof. Arch. Todor Krestev, who presented the strategy for protection and use of urban archeology as a resource for sustainable development. The case study was the project concerning the Ancient Stadium. The conservation methods and techniques in Bulgaria and in particular the experience in Plovdiv were presented in several successive lectures by Arch. Roumiana Proykova and the technologist Nikola Stoyanov. The archaeologist Maya Martinova-Kyutova provided specific information concerning the archaeological research in urban environment, and also the study and interpretation of hidden archaeological structures. Lecture on the methodology ofconservation, restoration and adaptation of cultural heritage sites was given by Assoc. Prof. Arch. Yordanka Kandulkova. The partners from the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the archaeologists Eva Walderhaug and Inger-Marie Olsrud presented Norway experience in the conservation of archaeological sites, as well as the accessibility to cultural heritage.

In the practical part of the unit the students and the young professionals have worked on two tasks:
1. Evaluation and opinion about the project "The Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis - Preservation, Rehabilitation and Urban Renewal", estimation and suggestions for its future development.
2. Proposals for integration of the ancient heritage sites in Plovdiv into the contemporary life.

Some generated ideas can be found in the attachment.