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Center for Urban Archaeology - thematic unit 2

Leading themes of the second unit of the complex education course to the Bulgarian-Norwegian Centre for Urban Archaeology are cultural tourism, popularization and management of cultural heritage sites.

The aim of the second unit is to get participants acquaintant with methods for management and maintenance of cultural heritage sites, as well as with the possibilities for sustainable use of cultural heritage and with the contemporary methods for its presentation and popularization. The course was attended by students and young professionals with different background:  architecture, urbanism, cultural studies, ethnology, history, archeology, cultural tourism, business administration, management and others.

The theoretical part of the unit was presented with various aspects of the topic by leading experts from Bulgaria and Norway. The course started with a lecture by Prof. Arch. Todor Krestev, who presented the possibilities for sustainable use of cultural heritage for the purpose of cultural tourism, illustrated with various examples from Bulgaria. The cultural tourism in urban historic environment was presented by Mr. Rumen Draganov. Todor Chobanov, PhD provided valuable information on specific legal aspects of conservation, integration in the environment and the use of cultural heritage, also ideas for urban archeology management and problems in the the relationship between the immovable and movable archaeological heritage. Arch. Anastasia Konstantinova developed the themes for communication and pedagogy of cultural heritage. A lecture on contemporary methods of promoting cultural heritage gave Delyana Kostadinova and Kalin Varbanov. The partners from the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the archaeologists Eva Walderhaug and Inger-Marie Olsrud, presented the Norwegian experience of the work with management maintenance of heritage sites plans, and as well as building and maintaining a competent professionals in the field. The architect Kjell Andresen presented the Norwegian approach towards urban structures of wood in the historic towns of Bergen and Røros - World Heritage Sites.

In the practical part of the unit the students and the young professionals have worked in teams on two tasks:
1. Preparation of proposals for a management plan and maintenance plan for an archaeological heritage site in Plovdiv.
2. Suggestions for popularization of Plovdiv's cultural heritage for different audiences in the following key directions: live sites (proposals for various activities of the presentation center at the Stadium); urban tourist routes (with different topics); opening of the Stadium (proposals for unconventional opening of the site); selection and popular text editing, text adaptation for children (presentation of Ancient Philippopolis for children).

Some generated ideas can be found in the attachment.