3D Virtual Tour

The virtual tour in the Ancient Stadium presents a hypothesis (3D reconstruction) about how the building most probably looked like at the time of its construction  - the beginning of 2nd century AD during the reign of Emperor Hadrian.

The track of the Stadium was approximately 230 metres long and 32 metres wide. Its length was 600 Roman feet equaling the Roman measure for one stade. Since its width is comparatively small, the track was not used for horse races. The Northern part has curved form and is called sfendona. The track itself was three-layered, the finishing one being mortar.

The main South entrance of the Ancient Stadium is discovered at Kamenitsa Square. The entrance was formed by pillars with marble reliefs that can be seen today at the Regional Archaeological Museum in Plovdiv. They present busts of Hermes (hermai) with placed above them prize vases with palm leaves, and also – the lion skin, the club and the quiver of Heracles.

Virtual Tour

If you want to see the Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis - in the form in which it was after its construction, see the virtual tour. For this purpose it is necessary to install QuickTime Player.