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Norwegian Partners Excited About the Project for the Ancient Stadium


The implementation of the project "Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis – Preservation, Rehabilitation and Urban Renewal" takes place within the prescribed period and the progress is very large. This found the partners from the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage Inger Anne Held - Coordinator, Inger-Marie Olsrud – archaeologist, Eva Valderhaug – archaeologists, who, together with the regional governor Ivan Totev, today were on the site.

“This project is very important for Plovdiv and for the past two years we have been following each step of its implementation. We were last here together a month ago when we launched the construction activities. Now we see concrete actions to – much of the concrete parapets has been removed, a new wall built, construction is running on time”, the Regional Governor told the journalists. “To do this”, he added, “the support of the financial mechanism of the Norwegian Government, the partners from Norway, and the management unit in Sofia is very important.”

“We are impressed by what we saw here,” in turn, the project coordinator from the Norwegian side Inger Anne Held. She said the opportunity with this project Plovdiv to become an international tourist attraction is absolutely real.

The ancient stadium of Philippopolis will be promoted to the world in several languages via the web site that is currently being prepared. It will only be part of a unified information system that will promote all cultural and historical monuments in Plovdiv, Ivan Totev explained.

The partners from Norway with Mr. Totev and Mrs. Emilia Petrova-Angelova / Regional Administration - Plovdiv