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A brand new website presents the Ancient stadium in Plovdiv


A brand new website presenting the Ancient stadium in Plovdiv was officially launched today. It is a part of the project "The Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis - Preservation, Rehabilitation and Urban Renewal", being realized with the support of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.

The idea of the website is to present information about the Ancient stadium in different languages, thus being part of the many websites presenting the variety of cultural heritage sites in Plovdiv, said the Regional Governor of Plovdiv District, eng. Ivan Totev. The project for Renovation of the Small Basilica, which is currently in progress, will also be accompanied by a website. The idea is all the websites to become parts of a larger portal, connected with the portal of the Fund for Development of Plovdiv Airport, he added.

"The website of the Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis presents the stadium in the context of the Ancient city of Philippopolis.The site is just launched and can be seen at www.antichen-stadion-plovdiv.bg and www.ancient-stadium-plovdiv.eu", said Deliana Kostadinova, manager of Pixelflower, the company developing the website. The differend archeological sites in the city can be seen in an interactive map - the Ancient Theatre, the East Gate, the Great Basilica, the Forum, etc. so that visitors of the website can see and feel the entire area, surrounding the Stadium.

One of the aims of the website is to present all the parts of the stadium in one place, so that they are percepted as a single architectural site. There's also a plan of the Stadium (currently laying under the main street), information about the games, different stages of archeological research, accompanied with images. Users can see the architectural design project and the different stages of construction works, currently in progress. The information in the website will be further enriched and expanded.

Presentation of the new website / Regional Administration - Plovdiv