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Project Realisation

An effective organisation with a management and coordination unit (executive manager Emiliya Petrova-Angelova), with the participation of representatives of the Regional Administration of Plovdiv and all the partners was created for the realisation of the project. The project could not have been realised without the active participation of the regional governors – Mr. Todor Petkov, Mr. Ivan Totev and Mr. Zdravko Dimitrov.

The initial development deadline of the project was April 2011 but afterwards due to unexpected results from the archaeological excavations in 2010, the deadline was extended until April 2012.

In full accordance with the conceptual design and new archaeological discoveries of the archaeologist M. Martinova-Kyutova, the executive project for revitalization of the Ancient stadium has been prepared in 2010 by a team of "Consulting-Pliska Arhika" OCAC. In the period 2011-2012 the Consortium "Archaeology and restoration" OCAC realized a complex and delicate process of construction and conservation.

It is remarkable that a project of such complexity could be realised within a relatively short period. In order to meet the changing demands of the town and unravel its cultural and historical potential, the project should be seen as completely open to further development. 

The future development of the project covers the creation of audio-visual show "Sound and Light" and information center, and also  construction of an underground street at the archaeological level (under "Kniaz Alexander I"), bringing together all the fragments of the Stadium, including those in the basements of the shops.

As a result, the overall assessment, the purpose of Project BG 0041 is achieved. Now the "Dzhumaya" Square worthy presents part of the eternal treasures of the Bulgarian city Plovdiv.

Participants in the Project BG 0041

The team, managing and coordinating project BG 0041:
Project manager: Emiliya Petrova-Angleova
Coordination unit: Ameliya Gesheva, arch. Geogi Selenski, Prof. arch. T. Krestev PhD, Inger Anne Heldal
Methodological unit: Inger-Marie Aicher Olsrud, Eva Walderhaug
Management: Peter Kasabov, eng. Dancho Zhelev
Administration unit: Galena Bosnova, Todor Todorov, arch. Donika Georgieva
Construction and conservation control unit: Pencho Malinov
Supply and equipment: Venelin Hristov
Accounting: Radoslava Tashkova, Nedyalka Dyakova

Authors of the preliminary and executive project:
Preliminary project: Prof. arch. T. Krestev PhD – team leader, arch. D. Georgieva, arch. M. Velkov, arch. V. Kolarova
Executive project: Prof. arch. T. Krestev PhD – methodological executive, arch. R. Proykova – lead architect, arch. M. Velkov, arch. Zh. Tashkov, arch. D. Mushtanova, N. Stoyanov - conservation, Assoc. Prof. arch. B. Georgiev PhD, arch. Zh. Dzhjugalanova, archaeologist M. Martinova-Kjutova
Technical specialties: eng. A. Sarkisyan, eng. I. Kafelov, eng. A. Vasilev (Structural Engineering), eng. M. Zahariev (Water Supply and Sewerage), eng. A. Vladimirov (Electrical Installations), eng. Stefka Rajkova (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning), eng. A. Vasilev (Vertical Planning), eng. K. Yankov (Metal and Glass structures), arch. Svetlana Anisimova (Landscape Architecture), eng. G. Markov, eng. K. Petkov (Architectural Lighting), eng. G. Hlebarov (Sound, Multimedia, Automatisation), S. Kojnova (Color Design), eng. E. Gjopsova (Safety Planning)
Project realisation: Consortium “Archaeology and restoration”