The website is part of Project BG 0041 "The Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis - Preservation, Rehabilitation and Urban Renewal."

The website is aimed at a wide audience - Bulgarian and foreign tourists wishing to visit Bulgaria and Plovdiv in particular, students, professionals and curious readers seeking more information about Plovdiv and Antiquity.

The website structure is based on the analysis of all the available information - on the one hand, and user needs - on the other. The website presents information about the Ancient stadium of Philippopolis, grouped into four main focuses: Ancient Philippopolis, Ancient stadium of Philippopolis, The Presentation centre, News and Events. In addition, the website presents detailed information about the project, funding and teams working on each of the activities.

The website was officially launched in July 2011, but in the period until April 2012 is still in process of translating and supplementing the information.

The graphic design of the website is made in accordance with the logo & identity concept of the Ancient Stadium. All the titles in the website are presented with Goudy Trajan font, purchased on behalf of the Regional Administration Plovdiv.

The website contains two mirror versions in Bulgarian and English. For each version a separate domain is registered: - for the Bulgarian version, - for the English version.

Upon completion of the development is performed usability testing. The implementation of recommendations will further improve the entire usability and user experience.

The website includes text and graphic information provided as a result of a study for the Ancient Stadium in the urban environment for project BG 0041. 

All texts provided by other projects in BG 0041 were further adapted and transformed for the needs of the website. 
All photos were provided by their authors for the purpose of the website.

The website is developed by Pixelflower Ltd. The team involved:

Project management: Deliana Kostadinova
Information analysis and website structure: arch. Donika Georgieva, Deliana Kostadinova
Graphic design and interactive maps: Kalin Varbanov
Technical specifications, website development and SEO: Deliana Kostadinova
User training and documentation: Mina Dodunekova
Final editing and adapting of texts, final English translation and corrections, additional research: arch. Donika Georgieva and arch. Miroslav Velkov (Atelie 3), Deliana Kostadinova
Usability testing: Lucrat

The content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.