In close proximity to the Forum (Agora) in the northern part of the complex were found ruins of several buildings with public functions. The Odeon (Bouleuterion in earlier times) and the Library are situated in the northeast side of the Forum. On the same line at northwest side of the Forum is situated the Treasury. Evidences of its existence were found during construction works on Knyaz Alexander I Str. The has not been yet studied by the archaeologists.

The Treasury (also known as Treasure House) is part of the architectural complex of the Forum (Agora) of Philippopolis, situated in its northwest part. It is one of the few buildings in the city where Latin inscriptions were found. One of them reads “aedes thesaurorum”, which is translated as “treasure house”. This inscription gives clear idea about the function of the building. 

In Philippopolis the primary written language for a long period, even during the Roman Empire, was Greek. Therefore, every inscription written in Latin, which provides information about the history of the city, is of great interest to the scientists.

On another inscription the name of Roman emperor Commodus can be read. Most likely the Treasure house is built in 183-184 AD during his reign. It is believed that the inscriptions were situated on the architrave above the columns on the south side of the building. Most probably once again used the Roman Corinthian order, like most of the buildings in Philippopolis. 

The Treasure house is the only public building of its kind on the territory of Bulgaria so far, and the inscriptions in Latin prove its significance. Most likely the construction of the building was financed by the Emperor himself. 

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Fragment of the Treasury / D. Kostadinova