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Ad Hoc Center for Urban Archaeology

In 2011-2012 in Plovdiv has been functioning the created ad hoc Bulgarian-Norwegian Center for Urban Archaeology. The centre is part of the Project BG 0041 "The Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis - Preservation, Rehabilitation and Urban Renewal" and is organized during its practical realization.

Its objective of the center is the professional experience exchange and complex education of students and young specialists (archaeologists, architects, urban architects, experts in the field of tourism and urban management, etc.) according to the principles of the integrated conservation in close contact with its particular implementation in the project for the Ancient stadium. The idea is to promote the dialogue between professionals, to overcome the lack of communication and understanding between different specialists, responsible for the preservation of the urban archaeology in the real living urban environment.

An exchange of valuable experience about the whole process of preservation of archaeological sites has been accomplished between Bulgarian and Norwegian specialists. Complex training of over 70 students and young specialists has taken place. Methodological prepared and accomplished by Bulgarian and Norwegian professionals, the education integrates theoretical and practical parts within two thematic units: (1) approach towards and conservation methods applied to the archaeological sites in the urban environment and (2) cultural tourism, popularization and management of the cultural heritage. The courses were well-received; the curious ideas in the practical projects developed by the students are a proof of the successful training in the complex approach in preservation of the cultural heritage and in establishing a multiprofessional dialogue within this process.


Training at the ad hoc center for urban archeology  / K. Varbanov