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Logo & Identity

The concept for the logo is to create a visual association of the five most important elements characterising the project of the Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis: the town of Plovdiv; The stadium itself; its preservation; the relation between the historical layers; The Roman Antiquity. 

The arches at the top part of the logo symbolise three out of these five elements: the town (presented by the landmark of the town – its hills); the stadium (with its sfendona) and the preservation (the protection). The rectangle at the bottom part of the logo represents the ground, which hides its secrets and the upside-down column is the invisible archaeological heritage. The image of the top column is the rehabilitated Ancient heritage, exposed in the contemporary environment. The two columns are an allusion of the connection between the historical layers (underground and above the ground; past-present).

The ensign is initially three dimensional, resembling a cutout marble relief. In that way, a better plasticity and association with the past is achieved. The logotype (the text to the ensign) is with a font based on the Roman monumental inscriptions from the 1st century AD and is associated with the Roman antiquity. The versions in Bulgarian and in English are identical.

The nuance of red is the same as the one used by the Romans in the Antiquity. The whole profile of the logo resembles a part of the stadium. By combining the texts in Cyrillic and in Latin the shape of the Ancient stadium is emphasised even better.