Seating Area - Southwest

In the basement of a building on the Main Street was found a section of the South-West side of the Ancient Stadium. The fragment consists of five rows of marble seats, a stair aisle, a sector of the track and the adjoining draining canal. The natural slope of the hill Sahat Tepe was used for the construction of the section. 

In 2004, during the reconstruction of the former cinema “Hristo Botev”, in the basement were uncovered and later exhibited in situ five rows of seats (part of the cavea - the seating area), a stair aisle, a section of the track and a draining canal. The seats were made of solid marble blocks and the front parts were decorated with plastic ornaments – stylized lion paws, just as the seats of the sfendona, uncovered at Dzhumaya Square.

According to the archaeologists, this section of the Stadium benefited from the natural slope of the hill. Additionally terraced piles of earth and horizontal walls were formed in order to support the tiered marble seats of the cavea.