Seating Area - Sfendona

The Sfendona is the curved part of the Stadium with 14 rows of marble seats for spectators, divided by sectors of aisles with stairs, reaching the track. The vaulted entrance under the seats leads to an underground passage-street. Above the entrance there is a luxury box.

The Ancient Stadium is built in the beginning of the 2nd century AD under Emperor Hadrian.

The Northern part of the Stadium has a curved section called sfendona. The seats are arranged in tiers of 14 rows, crossed by staired aisles. The seats are raised to 1.80 metres by a podium. They surround the track to the East, West and to the North. The track itself was three-layered, the finishing one being mortar.The main entrance called Propylaea was to the South and was designed for the athletes to enter.

A covered passage was found under the sfendona. It turned out to be an ancient vaulted covered street. The floor of this street is paved with syenite blocks covering a stone masonry canal