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We assume that the markets we are considering approximate contractual norm completeness sufficiently closely that we have enough value optimal norms.Perfect information ensures that they know which sellers offer compatible terms.In the ideal market, each buyer conforms solely because of his or her own values, independently of the behavior of everyone else....

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Such terms conflict with buyers’ values, and buyers will prefer to buy from sellers offering terms compatible with value optimal norms.* This point about the “if, then” nature of our argument comes up a few more times in what follows.So, in ideal markets, if we went through contracts and deleted every term that was either compatible or incompatible with a value optimal norm, we would have nothing left....

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ll buyers realize that it does, and buyers also realize that the norm it conflicts with is value optimal.Even if contracts contain a lot of terms for which there are no applicable value optimal norms, buyers won’t go without goods and services they need.The fewer applicable value optimal norms there are, the more terms will remain in the contracts....

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In addition, those who read contracts can inform thoseThe argument is the same one we made about the best practices software norm in Chapter 7.In both cases, in real markets the need for unified buyer demand in a mass market causes the norm that arises to be a coordination norm....

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If we try this in real markets, we may end up with some terms that are neither compatible nor incompatible.In the ideal market, each buyer conforms solely because of his or her own values, independently of the behavior of everyone else.As we noted earlier, applicable norms may not beipvanish vpn premium account value optimal, or we may just not have any relevant norms at all....