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The lists also included many health workers who have contracted the virus while working to treat patients and contain the spread of Coronavirus in India.Macro Data for Coronavirus in India Aside from revealing sensitive data of individuals within Uttar Pradesh, the surveillance platform also revealed information about Coronavirus’s status across the state, including: Trends in total cases, recoveries, and deaths over time The total number of people under surveillance The platform also included data received and integratvpn windows on maced from India’s national government, totaling about 8 million records of individuals across differThese entries revealed further information about each person listed: Case IDs Diagnosis Symptoms Medical records How the patient contracted COVID-19 (foreign travel, etc....

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They then left the git repository completely unsecured and accessible without any login credentials.COVID-19 Diagnosis and Symptoms According to the SQL data dump, every entry on the surveillance platform’s lists had a unique profile that provided further details of the health, testing status, and COVID-19 diagnosis for each person listed.3) A separate index of CSV files containing daily COVID-19 patient reports – accessible without a password or any other login credentials....

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The earliest entries on the directory listing dated from the beginning of the pandemic in March, with new entries added daily until early August, when we discovered the vulnerabilities.3) A separate index of CSV files containing daily COVID-19 patient reports – accessible without a password or any other login credentials.Control of the admin dashboard would allow them to take it over and make significant changes, such as: Modifying entries Closing case files Altering patients’ data Modifying test results Sending healthy people to quarantine Removing patients from quarantine early Switching negative test result to positive, and vice versa Personal Identifiable Information Data Within the directory lisvpn windows on macting, there were huge CSV files that listed daily COVID-19 records from the state....

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3) A separate index of CSV files containing daily COVID-19 patient reports – accessible without a password or any other login credentials.4 million).It also appears that no security audits were undertaken on the git repository to review who had access to the data, and to implement robust security protocols, despite numerous parties spread throughout Uttar Pradesh using the surveillance platform to upload data....

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We believe the exposed surveillance platform was built for the Uttar Pradesh Department of Health & Family Welfare and the state’s Directorate General of Medical Education & Training to track as much data as possible relating to individual cases of COVID-19 and its spread across the state.The platform’s developers had wrongly deployed the unsecured git repository with the platform’s source code, database data dumps, passwords, and endpoints (URLs used to send and receive data from different sources).We believe these were complemented by interactive lists on the surveillance platform, based on our investigation of the git repository’s SQL data dump....