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secure vpn browserany to offer an insurance policy against data breaches along with GamaSec products.The truth is that online sales represent only 5% of our total revenue.One thing that struck me as unusual for advanced security software is that the sales of your products is completely online and that the pricing is not based oyoutube nordvpn netflixn the number of users.hola vpn plusHow many active customers do you have today? Where are they mainly located? The majority of our customers are in the US and Canada.The first type of competition is the top enterprise security companies such as Rapid7, WhiteHat, and Qualys.This year, we are providing services to 15,000 sites.avg vpn buy

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mullvad linux 2019They have very good tools and technologies, but they focus on enterprises and do not really compete with us in the SMB space.We offer four different layers of security: Vulnerability Detection – Our web application scanner simulates hacker behavior using our unique AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology in order to identify application vulnerabilities together with malware detection.Data Breach Limited Warranty – The SMB market is requesting/demanding insurance coverage for data breaches.That is why we place a priority on working with channel partners.This year, we are providing services to 15,000 sites.Website Protection – Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection.nordvpn youtube not working

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free vpn for windows no limitWe spend a lot of thought and energy on what added value we can provide to our partners to make them, and us, more successful.Before getting into the specifics of GamaSec, can you share your top three corporate security tips? Here they are, in order of importance: Educate employeeyoutube nordvpn netflixs about security risks, e.How would you describe your current typical customer? Our current customers come mainly from the following three areas: Retail & E-commerce Medical care (HIPAA/ Privacy) Web siyoutube nordvpn netflixtes/organizations that must protect their online reputation Who are some of your biggest customers? Our largest customers include Eli Lilly, Tetra Pak, and Hyatt Hotels, as well as the companies shown below.ipvanish 90 offI did not see any jobs for lawyers back home in Israel, so I began to look for a way to add value as an Israeli in Europe.I soon realized that I did not want to have an IT security company with many consultants to manage.We recognized an opportunity to address the untapped SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) market with our enterprise-quality product.best vpn with free trial